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Why Solar Energy
  • New and renewable energy are considered an ideal solution for the problem of lack of energy all over the world.
  • It provides a clean and safe type of energy free from any harmful vapours, gases or radiation.
  • It is a replacement of petroleum and natural gas used in commissioning Electric Generation Stations.
    • Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy and thermal energy through the two photovoltaic and solar thermal conversion mechanisms. Photovoltaic conversion is intended to convert solar or optical radiation directly into electrical energy through photovoltaic cells. As is known, some photovoltaic conversion materials suspected conductors such as silicon, germanium and others.
Solar Energy in AIO

The plant of solar cells and solar modules was inaugurated by Arab International Optronics Company, which is the first in Egypt and the Middle East using the latest technology of solar cell production in accordance with the international standard specifications for fixed and mobile systems, lighting systems, design, production and supply of solar plants in different capacities to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces' units isolated and remote points and housing camps.
It operates equipment instead of using power plants and providing energy demands for new cities and urban communities such as Luxor and the governorate of Bahr Rh and others.

    • Design of stations with different typical power outputs as needed.
    • Availability of observation and control of all station.
    • Operation and maintenance training .
    • After-sales services.
    • Offering engineering consultancies.
    • Outputs with SCADA system.

AIO Activities and Applications in Solar Energy

AIO Activities in Providing Energy Solutions
  • Sourcing and providing high quality suitable solutions according to the customer requirements, uses and budget.
  • Designing and producing all available solar energy systems (PV, thermal, CSP) in collaboration with worldwide international companies in USA and Europe.
  • Implementing all solar energy projects with high rates, high accuracy and in the shortest time.
  • Providing after sale service.
Solar Energy Applications
  • Street and home lighting.
  • Generating electricity from solar farms for industrial areas.
  • Operating water pumps in remote areas.
  • Operating communication networks in remote areas.
  • Mobile solar systems (off Grid) for supplying electricity in remote areas.

AIO Solar Energy Projects and Production Cycle

Examples of projects implemented by the company to generate electricity from solar energy
Solar power stations with different capacities
Solar Cell Production Factory
Specifications and main features of the cells
Crystal Type Monocrystalline Growth Method CZ
Conductivity P-Type Dopant Boron
Crystal Orientation <100>±1° Resistance 0.5-3Ω . cm
Minority Carrier Lifetime ≥ 10μs Oxygen Concentration ≤1.0×1018 atoms/cm3
Concentration ≤ 5×1016 atoms/cm3 Wafer Dimension 125×125±0.5mm
Wafer Diameter 150±0.5mm Thickness 270±30μm
Surface Quality Clean, no smudge, fingerprints and pin holes
Production Cycle of Solar Cells
  1. 1- Loading by Reboot
  2. 2- Damage and Texture Etching
  3. 3- Doping and Diffusion
  4. 4- Edge Removal (Plasma)
  5. 5- Glass Removal
  6. 6- AR Coating PECVD
  7. 7- Printing Back Surface AG
  8. 8- Printing Back Surface Al
  9. 9- Printing Front and Surface IR-Firing
PV Solar Modules Factory
Photovoltaic AIO 72-5BB-Poly
Main Features and Specifications
Photovoltaic AIO 60-5BB-Poly
Main Features and Specifications